Metrics That are Common and Critical to SEO

1. Referring Visits from search engines

Keep track of the contribution of the sources of traffic for your site on a monthly basis. These include such sources as:

Direct Navigations, Referral Traffic (This is traffic derived from links of the web page on other websites. They can also be originating from in traceable emails, promotional, branding or campaign links). Finally, there is the Search Traffic which originates from search queries and sends traffic from any major or minor web search engine. Working out the percentages and the actual numbers of the amount of traffic generated from each source. This data is crucial in rolling out new marketing plans and tracking the results of the efforts earlier put in their marketing.

2. Search Engine Referrals

Google and the Yahoo!-Bing merger are the three main search engines which make up more than 95% of the search traffic of the United States. For many countries outside the US (with the exception of Russia and China), more than 80% of their search traffic mainly comes from Google.

3. Traffic generated from Specific Search Engine Terms and Phrases

Search keywords which generate traffic to the target web page from another crucial piece of the SEO analytics pie. Closely watching these search engine terms and phrases regularly over a period of time will help you create quality SEO content which reflect the keyword trends. It will also help to discover new terms that creates significant traffic on the site that was previously underutilized. When the time comes to ride on the QDF by generating content with the trending term comes you’ll also be on your toes because of the successful monitoring.

Sometimes value can be added to your business when you monitor and track the search referral counts for the phrases and terms that are related to your business but those that are however not considered among the top or most valuable to the business. A decline in referrals would mean you need to make efforts to change the course to the right direction.

This is because the global search traffic has been consistently rising in the past decade and a half. It may also mean that your key terms and phrases are seasonal. This is to mean, you could be dealing with keywords that are in demand for certain times of the year or month only. A decline in referrals could also point at the fact that your page’s ranking has slipped lower on the search results.

4. Conversion Rate by Search Query Term/Phrase

Conversion is the most sought-after metric by many businesses and organizations. Conversion simply means site visitors who may end up signing to up to be members of the site during their visit. A conversion rate of only 5% means a lot more than the fact that thousands of keywords can link up to the site.