How Content Contributes to the Search Engine Success Factors

Like it was mentioned earlier, content is King. This is a loaded phrase in the SEO world even though it is quickly being regarded as becoming cliché. Getting the content creation right is the pillar upon which other SEO success factors are supported.

(1) Quality of Content

If you already have some content drafted for your site you might want to pause for a little longer than a heartbeat to assess whether you have churned out some quality content. You need to look long and hard at this juncture because all other parameters will depend on this stage.
Here is a simple guide on how to know whether your content is of good quality;
– If you give your visitors a reason to spend some more time on your site rather than just skimming through your site in a few seconds.
– If your website is selling something, do you just go the conventional way and include some little generic information about your product that has been replicated by several other sites selling a similar product?
– Will your site visitors learn something of value after visiting your pages? Site visitors often look for value and something unique of substance that is not already being offered elsewhere.

(2) Content Keyword Research

You are primed and ready to produce quality keywords for your web page but you will need to center that content around some keywords. The keywords mirror the search terms that people key into search engines. This is where Keyword research comes in. Knowing the keyword is an important step that helps to create quality content that provides an answer to the search query. This may seem such a daunting task but there are tools to help in finding out the various specific ways that people key in search queries related to your content.

(3) Using Keywords

Once you have done the research on specific keyword queries for your content, it is important to include the said keywords in your write-up. It is only logical that if you want your page to be discoverable for particular search keywords then you should include them in your SEO article. You can also edit the existing content to include the new keywords from your research.

These keywords should fit naturally in the copy that you are writing. There is usually the presumption that a copy has to have a certain percentage of “keyword density” for it to achieve the best results. However, this could not be further from the truth. Keyword density does not guarantee anything in the search engine ranking. The trick is to just use the words that are relevant from the keyword research conducted prior. These should fit in and sound as natural as possible.

(4) Content Freshness

Content freshness in the search engine ranking context is a bit different from the process of regularly creating new content for your page or updating the publishing dates. Adding new pages to your website is also out of context when it comes to what defining content freshness What defines content freshness is the Query Deserved Freshness (QDF). This means that new content will be ranked at different times for the same search query.
QDF works in this way: There are some searches that usually do not record a lot of activity on a regular day. However, on certain days, circumstances may be such that, that particular search term records a spike in activity. Sensing this change in activity, Google then uses QDF to that query term to find out if there has been any new (fresh) content for that search query. When Google finds the fresh content, it is ranked higher in the search results than it previously was.

If your website happens to have the right content for the trending topic being searched about by QDF, the web page will enjoy top search engine rankings for days or even weeks. However, after everything dies down, the web page is likely to be shuffled back to its regular position in the search results.

When that happens, site owners should keep in mind that it is just the freshness boost which has worn off and it is not a fault of their own. Other sites which do not have the relevant content at the time which QDF hits can take advantage and tailor their content to suit the current trend if they want to improve their rankings by riding on the wave.