Do Direct Answers Translate to a Site Success?

Search engines have nowadays resorted to displaying direct answers to queries within the search results. Examples of these kinds of queries include simple straightforward questions such as “Who is the 45th President of America?” Looking up menus and music lyrics will also give you direct entire results without having to open a link to a website.

These direct answers are sometimes drawn from a web page and a link provided at the end of the answer to credit the site. Other times the search engines just license some of the direct results they provide, such as the menus.

So does your site’s content being used as a direct answer on the search results page translate to it being a success? The counter-argument is that, if an internet user gets the answer they were looking for directly on the search page, then there would no need to click on the website, so that does not work in favor of the site whose content is used on the search results page.

On the other hand, it can be argued that sites which have been used as direct answers to search queries can be considered to have been a success because it is an indication of trust. Such clear display of good faith will give a rise to more clicks as people troop there to look up different queries from the same site. Being a direct answer can also translate into more traffic to the site just for the convenience of it being directly on the search results page despite similar concerns on the same.